We book on a daily basis but in busy times we may apply a minimum of 2 nights. Pets are welcome by arrangement but we never allow them to be leaft in the rooms unnatended We ask that you book in after 3pm and vacate around 10am. The Garret is up two floors and if you think you may have difficulties contact us for more information. The showers are quite compact as we have to squeeze in some areas into the old beams and walls of the Old Bonded Store. The store is listed Grade II and we had to retain parts of the roof and building.

We ask that you remove shoes in the entrance lobby if they are muddy or wet or sandy form the beach. We have all new oak floors and carpets.

As we try to be as enviromentally friendly as possible the Garret is highly insulated and has low energy heating and lighting. As a Listed Building we are not allowed double glazing. To help, we ask that you leave unused towells in the rooms or on the shelves so we don't do unnessesary washing.

The hot water is a separate system form the rest of the house. The switch that operated this is located in the entrance lobby and can be switched off by accident - it is marked "W" and is outside the shower room off the lobby - feel free to check it is swithed on!